March 12, 2016


Concrete based artwork

I once read an article in Vogue where an artist being interviewed said something to the tune "I dont do backgrounds". As an artist that loves texture, of course I thought "what a lost opportunity!". After approx 2 years of trying and failing (because Im too lazy to go paint on train station walls), I have finally worked a mixture of Cement, Latex binder and a glue polymer that has allowed the troweling on of a product that looks and feels like a cement slab. This includes the edges so it really does look like a slab of concrete.

It sticks to Canvas like any texturing product, retains flexibility, strength and structure, yet remains totally rigid on the canvas. The canvas does NOT sag in any manner. It can handle the same (or more as it is concrete based!) types of consumer treatment such as any normal artwork including cleaning, lying flat, knocks etc.

It is only slightly heavier than a normal canvas and can be hung with traditional methods. For example there is about 3kgs of concrete base on a 160cm x 100cm troweled to thicknesses of about 7mm to 12mm.

I have long avoided doing the simple kind of street art stuff, without having a background that I considered worthy of such. If this were done on a plain canvas (even a textured one) it can tend to lack that authentic feel. Even fake rocks, though clever, still look like fake rocks. I have long believed that if you want something artistic to replicate a tactile object, it must be that "thing". I use dirt in my art if I want it to look grungy and dirty. I use water and sugar sprays when creating urban pop pieces if I want them to look like dirty water has run down the face of a painted wall.

I will be adding a new range to my Abstract art, Vintage book art and Urban pop art so stay tuned for a category soon "Concrete".

Industrial styling just made a new friend!

Happy trails Franko

Concrete Street Art Franko Franklin Art Studio

Franko Concrete street art concrete industrial art Franklin Art Studio

industrial street art Franko concrete art Nude street art Franklin Art Studio

industrial street art Franko concrete art Nude street art Franklin Art Studio



March 05, 2016

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New Appaloosa commission

Please meet “Vixen”......this is a commission of a gorgeous Florida based Appaloosa. Finally finished on a huge 120cm x 150cm frame that is covered with a 90 year old copy of "Red Feather"...Raw, textured, book club styling and just a touch or urban pop jazz as the final layer! Just how I like them! I must say I am very happy indeed that the leather cover parted with its backing, to be able to be used..... 

I have an ever increasing range of Book Club piece that can be found in this collection 


Happy Trails! Franko!


February 02, 2016


Super who?

"Super who?" Massive new 190cm x 100cm Super M piece. Urban pop, brandalism, texture, layer upon layer......and lots of fun! All stretched and ready to hang in a new home.... Happy Trails Franko!

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January 03, 2016


First new piece for 2016

My first new piece for 2016..... “Flutterbye” 210cm x 87cm x 8cm deep....this Uber cool raw sexy piece is on recycled crate components. All text signage work is engraved (check that out!). She is for sale........... Happy Trails Franko!
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December 16, 2015


Sitting Bull

Taddaaa..... smile emoticon Huge 120cm x 150cm Sitting Bull piece. What a fantastic subject matter. I wasnt certain about his eyes, as the image of him is crazy and dark. I often correct "little" things with physical features in a piece as it will look like I did a bad painting (unless of course its Marty Feldman!) Abstract Realism piece, full texture base, layer upon layer synthetic polymers on canvas. Happy Trails!! Franko

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September 27, 2015


Update 27th September 2015

I know, I know..... I have been AWOL for almost 3 weeks now. I have been hammering out abstracts like you wouldnt believe. It has been incredibly busy! I tend to work in "slabs" of "like" works. I have another week of pure abstracts then I am onto a few Abstract Realism commissions I have such as a Wall St piece, Sitting Bull (Indian Chief), a turtle, A cool Indiana Jones piece, Pacino in chair from Scarface and a funky book club piece for a couple of them having a pash ( smile emoticon ) then not withstanding any other commissions Im onto Urban pops and new Book Clubs. Blessed to be busy! Franko


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August 18, 2015



Jimi Hendrix 150cm x 120cm.....Acrylics (synthetic Polymers) on Canvas full texture base of layer upon layer of yumminess. Franko! This piece is for sale and arrives glossed and ready to hang on a high quality 38mm frame


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