Book Club Theme Paintings For Sale

These beautiful pieces have a common background theme, and are always finished either on old books I have purchased over the years, or comics....classic, yet totally modern. Pop based, with a touch of realism. They are always painted with acrylics and inks, finished with a beautiful protective gloss finish and arrive READY TO HANG.

The Book Club Piece base can be from newly famous novels such as Fifty Shades or Memoires of a Geisha thru to books that can be over 100 years old and will feature cover pages and written pages that show their own history. I have seen some gorgeous things over time...many are from the days a book was a cherished birthday or Christmas present. I will sometimes chose a book that has a similar theme to the subject matter, but sometimes will chose something contrasting. Each piece will have texturing where the subject is. Pages also go over the edges to create a gallery finish that doesnt require framing or more cost to you. I initially started painting on Book bases and Comics after seeing a gorgeous huge, tree piece on book pages by US artist Raine Bedsole in the original Twilight movie in 2008 (Yes I did watch that LOL). It makes for a wonderfully interesting base, adding to the narrative and interest of the subject matter.

All pieces are in stock as you see them, and arrive to you ready to hang on your wall with a lovely gloss finish and on a double thick double stretched canvas. If you would like to discuss a commission, or different sized piece to what I have in store, please drop me a message. I have done many massive pieces, some as large as 6m x 2m (234 inches x 78 inches) rectangle and 3m x 3m square (117 inches x 117 inches).  

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You will also be on the Kool Kat list for occasional future sales and updates. Happy Trails! Franko