Brand New and Featured Paintings for Sale

This collection are most of the newest Abstract Paintings, Pop Art, Vintage Book Club Paintings and Industrial Art pieces to be added to my collections. You'll also find some new "people, animals and things". :)  I love my cow, zebra, flowers and heads! In particular Marilyn Monroe, Hendrix, Liz Taylor and Sitting Bull. By all means commission your own inspiring human or loved one.

I have also included some pieces from my most recent release that I am gosmacked that havent found a home as yet.

Though I am based in Australia, I have clients scattered across the globe in over 20 countries at last count. My gorgeous wife Wendy and I are the consummate and ethical professionals in what we do, and the back end of our business from communication to packaging is first rate.

So whether you live just around the corner in Brisbane or the Gold Coast, or in Sydney, Melbourne, Perth or Darwin, across the ditch in New Zealand or in London, New York or Longyearbyen, we will do our absolute best to look after you!

I am grateful to be able to do this for a "job" so please buy lots so I can keep doing more of it!  :) I hope you will find art u love in my online store.


Happy Trails, Franko!

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