Where the Magic Happens

You will find my studio on a 160 acre property I call "home" that I share with a plethora of animals including chickens, horses, cows, dogs etc etc etc.....and of course a lovely cowgirl and some Kidlets. It is located in the Beautiful "Scenic Rim" area, about an hour from the Gold Coast, and 90 mins from Brisbane. It is my little bit of heaven on earth. A lovely private sanctuary where I can paint in literally till the cows come home.

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I am fortunate enough to have a purpose built studio to suit not only the various styles that I do, but also to be able cope with the often huge pieces my clients often dream up.

In the 250sqm of under roof area, I have storage for approx 450 complete pieces (I normally carry about 350 pieces in stock), a packing area, design area and storage. Now Im just waiting for the clones I ordered on ebay to arrive to populate all these working areas!  :) I also have under roof 3 main paint areas. 

1. An internal area that is used for easel type work.

2. An undercover area that I use for urban and spray type art

3. An undercover trough that I use for pieces up to 240cm x 100cm that are super messy (aka just about everything I do!!)

I also have an 80sqm external area that of course is used for really really big pieces, and really really really messy pieces. The type Pro Harts cleaner would resign over.

If wish to peruse some of my art before you buy, please drop me a message, or call, and Ill happily make arrangements with you to visit my studio at a time that suits.

Phone: 0418 750338 or email

Ohh...and this is how it happens....kind of 



You will also be on the Kool Kat list for occasional future sales and updates. Happy Trails! Franko