I am now selling as many commissions as I do in stock paintings. Commissions are custom made paintings ordered by designers and private clients alike. They can be in the vein of something I have created before, with any amendments required (like larger, or with different colours, different characters etc)... or they can be totally "new". Like a massive Abstract in a new format, or of a celebrity, loved partner or pet...its endless.

I love doing commissions. They often peak new challenges, and its always a pleasure to see the joy in a clients response to their new piece.

- A piece for a particular sized wall

- Something more personal

- A gift for a special someone

- Perhaps you need a piece to fit an already constructed Niche

- You need a particular color scheme or subject matter

- To impress friends. (whats that song? You're so vain!)

How Does it work? Just drop me an email with some details to open the lines of communication. With abstracts, its often easier to reference something that you have already seen in my store, or even something that you have seen elsewhere that has inspired your thought process. Ill often be able to do an "insitu" in photoshop to give you an idea of volume for your space.

With Pop and figurative pieces, Ill actually do a photoshop mockup before I go to canvas, to make sure we are both on the same page.

With most pieces (other than something really unusual or personal) there is no risk to you at all. I generally ask for a 20% deposit, and Ill then get things underway. Ill send you pics when I think I am finished the piece, and before I varnish it. If there are any revisions I can make them at this stage, though that is rare. Once approved, I will gloss the painting, you fix up the balance and my spunky wife Wendy will send your piece carefully packaged with tracking and insurance. If for any reason you reject what I have created, Ill simply refund your deposit and use the painting as stock. 

If for any reason you reject what I have created, Ill simply refund your deposit and use the painting as stock. (Of course as mentioned this is dependent on personalisation levels). I can assure you that I have never had a commission rejected in 12 years as a fulltime artist, and would have produced some 1500 commissions in this time. BUT this level of comfort is always there to fall back on. You have to love what is on your walls!

How much does it cost?

This is a really tricky one, but in general terms, if you find a comparable style piece in my store, and comparable complexity, your commissioned piece will be in a similar ballpark.

As with all of my paintings, I do my absolute best to make sure that you are receiving amazing value for money. I actually stock 20 different sized blanks, which cuts my costs quite alot, but even if I cant match one of those up as a suitable size for you, I make alot of frames and import my own high quality stretchers, so even this is a very viable option.

The most popular frame sizes I use are those which I stock... 75cm x 100cm, 100cm x 100cm, 120cm x 120cm, 120cm x 100cm, 160cm x 60cm, 140cm x 100cm, 160cm x 100cm, 190cm x 100cm, 150cm x 150cm, 200cm x 80cm, 150cm x 120cm, 200cm x 80cm. How about these whoppers? 140cm x 180cm, 280cm x 170cm, 270cm x 120cm, 240cm x 120cm, 240cm x 120cm, 250cm x 150cm, 270cm x 100cm and 300cm x 100cm. But I have made whoopers way beyond those....6m x 1m, 4m x 2m, 3.6m x 2m, 3m x 3m to name a few.

How long does it take? 

Most commissions I generally turn around in 2 to 3 weeks. But I am always flexible to meet your needs. I have turned commissions around same day....seriously! I try and not make a habit of that, but just so you know I am here to service you.

How big can I order?

Hit me up :) ......I can do pretty well anything. if you are international to me... I have shipped internationally pieces as big as 4m x 2m. Its what I do for a living, and I have had a great deal of experience with dealing with clients at all levels with all kinds of needs....and big art!

What about delivery and hanging?

Depending the size of the piece, I have local direct delivery options, and international shippers on hand. About 30% of all sales are international these days, and I have sent some amazingly huge pieces to some amazingly remote places. All art is sent professionally packaged, and with insurance. If your piece is exceptionally big, and you would like to have it hung by a pro, I can also arrange that. Just let me know!


So...why not drop me a message, txt or to hear what you have in mind!