Since as long as I can remember, people have asking me about doing workshops. There are alot of things to consider with this from the fact that I am a professional artist (and not a teacher) thru to drying times with Abstracts and physical space.

So....I have decided to offer "experiences" directed at couples or singles for fun and immersion.....heavens, that sounds more like therapy than art LOL.....anyway, it can ONLY work with Urban Pop pieces like Space Cadets, Monopoly Men, Kissing cadets, Rosies etc etc, or Classic Pop pieces like the Heroines series...Geishas,Retro Space and Cowgirlsetc. All other styles I do simply take too long. 

Essentially, you will have me for an entire day, and it its priced accordingly. However, that blow is softened by the fact that you will create your own special piece of artwork that you can take home, and proudly hang in your home. This is a little more than a paint and sip...it will be a full day of work. Not a small A3 piece....think more like 190cm x 100cm, or 120cm x 150cm etc...it will in all ways be an authentic piece of art that you created with me.

The investment....$3000 for the day. (9am to 5pm)

- Drop me an email or call and lets talk "dates", and what you think you would like to paint.

- Once the Dates and Art are decided, I can send you thru a Gift Certificate (if its a surprise for a loved one) and before you arrive, Ill send you thru a full mockup of what we will be creating. Its ok to request some customisation within the piece. Like if you have numbers, brands, charachters etc that are personal to you...lets do that! On the day we can mix it up as things start to come to life. Its not set in stone what we have to create.

- When you arrive (around 9am) Ill have everything ready to go go go. Ill go thru a few basic things, and we will be off work working either as a couple, or trio on your new piece.

- We will have a great BBQ lunch together (Ill cook for you!) around my gazebo and pool...and a few drinks...of course, we can also nibble and sip as we go. I do!

- We will finish out the day with a fantastic completed Pop art piece that you can either take home (ute, or large SUV required) or I can arrange to have the artwork delivered in the coming week.

- I can arrange a driver both ways also if you prefer to leave the car at home or are flying in. Cost via private TownCar is around $300 going to Brisbane or the Gold Coast.

- My studio is located in the middle of 160 acres in the Gold Coast hinterland, close to the township of Canungra. You can read a little here if you like.

So if this all sounds like the kind of experience you would like to gift, or participate in, lets get the ball rolling. It will be FUN!!!!!

Please feel free to reach out any time.