Now your artwork can leave here and arrive at your door, ready for hanging or installation without needing to make a detour to a framers shop. One shipment of freight, greatly reduces any chance of damage, and it also means that I have complete control over the quality you receive.

My moudings are sourced from certified Australian timber suppliers, that are sustainable and support the Australian Forestry Industry.

Whilst there are a zillion options in the market for Design/Colour, I offer primarily Float Frames (ie the painting appears to float in them) in Natural, Black and White. There are many other options available such as Wenge, Edge Metallic, Silver and Gold (plus many many more)...feel free to ask if you think your artwork selection may require an alternative. 

"Hey Franko, why dont you include mouldings free on your art?"  Why... thankyou for the question...This is for several reasons. 

1. I dont feel that all pieces are better with an external frame, and to the contrary if I think a piece is represented best with external moulding, I will include that in the price, and it will be clear in the listing.

2. Not all clients like frames. Often clients prefer the gallery finished edges, which after all, was how 99% of my art was delivered pre 2022.

3. Your decor may call for a different option with framing...like something more ornate, which may be at a different price point.

4. I only use the best floater mouldings available, and they are expensive per lineal meter! They also "Cube" the cost of freight substantionally. If I have a client...mmm, say in London, and one in my home town, how do I price that to include external framing from a freight perspective? It would be unfair to the local client to have a price that includes international freight as a "one size fits all".

A little about the frames and process.

We have modern Morso Gullotines and AlphaMaccine underpinners...both Italian made (of course!). We finish our vertical edges with glue and pins to ensure they will never seperate. 

A 6mm gap is left between the edge of the canvas, and the frame creating a shadow, giving the illusion of the painting "Floating" in the frame. This also allows some of the edge finishing of the painting to be visible. I ALWAYS finish my edges to match the face of the painting.

With all things wood, being a natural product...it needs sanding and finishing. Our natural frames are finished with a Gillys Liquid Beeswax to give a classic lustre and finish, and colours are sprayed with a varnished finish.

Many framers and artists tend to offer a Gesso (Plastic) finish for colours and sometimes even natural. I will ONLY ever use wood. It looks better, finishes better...and should anything ever go wrong with a bump, or if you are moving your art, it can be sanded and finished again. Once gesso if scratched or marked, its virtually impossible to restore.

I resisted external frames for a long long time...till I could control the process. Now that clients are seeing the results, they are often sending back their previously collected Frankos to have external frames added. That speaks for itself. So there you have it. I'm excited!