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I am always here to help, ALWAYS and in anyway

From product delivery, insitu images, consultation or simply advice or an opinion... Im in! :)  Having been involved with the Art Industry for 13 years, and before that, 18 years in the Teamwear Industry, I understand the importance of delivery on time, quality and price.

franko room designer client abstract painting

I have been fortunate to have had a number of design, and building clients that have been regular clients thru out my career. Three of these in particular date back over a decade, and are still going strong with current season projects. Relationships nurtured thru trust and mutual respect....not withstanding that I also love seeing my art in high end homes and commercial situations. :)

There are alot of advantages to dealing direct with the artist, communication and control are right at the top of the list. Its a direct path.

I offer...

1. Guaranteed delivery on time, or its free. If I take on the project and fail to deliver....dont worry about a % word is everything. On time, or its free.

2. Direct access. I am at your disposal.

3. Exclusive Trade Discounts.

4. Flexibility with styles, and a one stop shop with framing thru to hanging.

I would love to discuss your project, or how we can work together on future projects that arent even on your radar.

Please feel free to reach out any time.


Franko Interior Design Abstract Pop art