Hi there! Lovely to meet you. I am something of an art addict!

In one way or another, I have spent the last 30 years with art as part of my life. Firstly in the graphics industry, and then as an artist working with a real brush, rather than a mouse. Like all humans, there are many more layers.

I would describe myself as a Full Time Multi Disciplinary Artist working mostly in Abstract Paintings, Urban Pop Art, Classic Pop art, Figurative and Industrial Style Art....almost always BIG and always textured. Texture is my “thing”. For the past 5 years, I have been one of the top selling artists in Australia having sold over 6500 pieces which are scattered thru out some 35 countries world wide.

I also LOVE commissions. About 30% of what I do is spent on commission these days. So hit me up if you see something you like, buts it the wrong size or colours, or you wish for me to create something totally zany.

My studio is located out in the sticks on acreage in an area known as "The Scenic Rim", in Australia. It is paradise. I have a custom built studio with 3 main production areas, and enough storage for about 500 large pieces. I am very happily married, and have 2 beautiful kids (who are now in their early 20s and work as my fulltime understudies) . I have spent the last 25 years with art as part of my life. Firstly in the graphics industry, and then as an artist working with a real brush, rather than a mouse.  

A little about my art....

Abstracts are generally very textured. The texture gives it life by bouncing light and creating depth off the multiple layers. Often inspired by aerial photography and rust and decay (it’s a beautiful thing!) when looking to create grungy pieces.

#Urban Pop....Oh boy, I love working on Urban Pop pieces.  "Pop" is of course for Popular Culture. These pieces are retro, cool, funky, can be a little sexy and can be more personalized than any other style I work in. They always come off a low textured base, and have have all the trappings of a piece of complicated street art. Many pieces will feature icons from our youth, advertising brandalism and you will see disingenuous tags like “Genuine Romance” “ 1800-True Love” “Genuine Taste” etc etc to poke a bit of fun at the constant bombardment we all get of things that are bordering on truth and outright pulling the other leg. This “noise” is also used for balance, layering and colour within the canvas.

#Classic Pop pieces retain a retro vibe reminiscent of Roy Lichtenstein and paying homage to some of the greats such as Einsberg, Ditko and Jack Kirby. Minimaist and always with a strong/brave message.

#Figurative pieces are mainly within my Book Club series, which are painted on real book pages meticulously glued to canvas. They are often painted with Geishas, Animals, Pop Icons, nudes and more. The Book Club pieces can also be of classic novels and of course my “Unfuck series”. The figurative elements also touch on my abstract realism pieces that features similar subject matter of which Marilyn is a favourite.

#Industrial....always a lot of fun, coming off bases such as recycled crates (often with engraving) and raw concrete styled bases, that are made with real cement based products...a process that took 3 years to perfect to a stage where they look, and feel like concrete, yet have a similar weight to a standard Franko Canvas. These pieces are essentially “pop art”.

I always look for BALANCE in the design and colour of art, with analytical structure (really I mean chaos!!) and lots of texture. Depending on my moods and inspirations, the outcome could be of a realistic natural vibe, or totally abstract. Some of it will be naughty, and some simply designed to try and bring about a smile. I've learnt not to take life too seriously as no one gets out alive. Like mashed and remixed tunes and movies with borrowed concepts and effects, all artists (even most of the masters) have influences and borrow aspects from other artists. It might be as simple as a color scheme, subject matter or the way a medium is used or a re-purposed image. The concept of "recycling" goes further than just trash and a lot of inspiration can be found here. 

I do most absolute best to present high quality and affordable art. Beautiful modern pieces of original art for contemporary interior design and commercial clients.

All Franko art comes with a “Certificate of Authenticity” and free hugs and kisses! Did I mention I also do high end external framing inhouse....so if you would like to have an Oak (natural, Black or white) shadow box frame added to your piece, just let me know and Ill give you the details.

 ...now its your turn!!

 Happy Trails! Franko

Please check out my stuff?  Abstract PaintingsPop ArtIndustrial Styled PaintingsFigurative Book Club Paintings and Abstract Realism People, Animals and Flora.