Over the years residential clients and many in both commercial and designing have leased pieces for terms as short as 3 months, and as long as "ongoing". I have never really made it public.....until now.

 Art can be rented for a variety of reasons and needs. A few solutions may be...

  • For staging a house for sale.
  • Movie set, theater, commercials or TV show staging.
  • For an event.
  • To minimize cashflow with renting big art, rather than buying.
  • To keep your Office and front end look "fresh" by turning over the art every 6 months or so.
  • To impress friends. (whats that song? You're so vain!)

How much does it cost? This is a really tricky one. In the most general terms, take the sale price and divide it by 14. Thats provides the art lease price per month. I have priced rentals based on value, rather than a set amount, as that is the only way it can work with offering everything from a $1000 abstract to a $7000 Marilyn. By example,  A $1000 painting can be leased for about $71 a month. You could stage an entire property with AMAZING ART for about $1000 a month.

If you are looking at multiple pieces, or a long term rental (over 6 months), lets talk budgets and see if we can make something work. 

  • Rentals are 3 months minimum.
  • I am happy to negotiate a "sale" price should the art be used in staging, and your buyer also wishes to purchase the art.
  • Freight is additional. I am happy to work my butt off to achieve the best outcome using our extensive courier network. Depending on how many pieces you are renting, deliveries can be as little as $30 each way.
  • If being used in a commercial environment, consider swapping out your art every 6 months. It keeps your styling and look fresh!

What pieces can you rent from Franklin Art Studio? There are a few players in the art rental space in Australia, and in most cases (not all) they offer imported Chinese painted pieces, or a limited range of originals. Everything you see in my gallery is available for rent. This means that you can truly go to town on staging your property or commercial displays. In the past I have even painted the odd commission that a client needed only for staging, and upon return it was used as a saleable piece.

Is the painting also "for sale" when it is rented? When a painting is out on lease, it wont be listed as being available. I have seen sites where art that is leased, is still for sale!. If it sells, its returned and they give you another. Thats not what its about!

What about delivery and stuff? With everything I do, I am totally customer focused. I will have your pieces to you when you need them, and will work with you to ensure that your space looks awesome. I can assist with curating one piece or a collection. We will send the art to you, and can arrange to have it collected and returned. I can also assist in hanging services in many locations.

What if I have fallen in love, and want to buy the painting? We will make it happen.

For more details, why not drop me a message, and let me know what you had in mind, and we can take it from there. You can read a little about my blog here